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More than fifteen years have passed since I first started my charity and philanthropic work and now RAZA CHARITY TRUST has grown by leaps and bounds.

Certain SOP’s and working parameters have been set by my organization in which the needy and poor come with their requirements / request in the form of a simple application which is filed by my office staff and they are given priority numbers for the completion of their demands.

Usually we have a waiting list of about six months in which we give furniture for dowry on monthly basis.

Few days back my secretary Raheel had to interview a mother of 4 school going children who came in with a pathetic and desperate story which goes like this.

For the past one year her children who have been studying in Qazi Public Model School, Street No. 3, Ahmed Abad, Dhamial Road, Rawapindi have not been able to pay their school fees due to unforeseen circumstances and financial constraints.

The father Hassan Mahmood S/o Khalid Mahmood R/o House No. AD-91, St No. 8, Ahmed Abad Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi NIC No. 37405-0372672-3, was missing and absconding from the house because of the fact that he had taken a loan of Rs. 35000/- on heavy interest and had been unable to pay the principal amount as well as the markup which had compounded into a great amount.

The money lenders who are like vultures and vampires like the character Shylock in the Merchant of Venice used to come to his house and threaten him with dire consequences as a result of which he absconded and ran away from home.

Usually when such cases are brought to my notice I delegate my field staff to go and verify / investigate the bona fides and antecedents of the recipients.

The peculiar and striking point in this whole episode was that despite the fact that the payment of fees had not been made for the past one year yet the management of the Children’s school had not struck of their names from the attendance Register.

The children particulars are as under:


  • Momina HassanClass 8
  • Alishaba HassanClass Sixth Silver A
  • Ubaid ur RehmanClass Two Brown
  • Abeera Class Montessori JR


The Parents particulars are as under:

  • Nazia Shaheen W/o Hassan Mahmood R/o House No. AD-91, St No. 8, Ahmed Abad Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi NIC No. 37405 –0245727 - 8
  • The father Hassan Mahmood S/o Khalid Mahmood R/o House No. AD-91, St No. 8, Ahmed Abad Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi NIC No. 37405-0372672-3,

I took personal interest in this particular case and I saw that all the children were very bright in their studies having marks aggregate of more than 85%.

So the next day I set out all alone by myself and visited Qazi Model Public School in Ahmedabad Dhamial road, Rawalpindi and met the principal Qazi Hamid Raza.

The school was located in congested and densely populated area with narrow streets and hence I had to park my car and traverse rest of the distance on foot.

When I asked Qazi Sahib why he had not struck of the names of the children despite the fact that school fees had not been paid for the past one year.

His reply was that simply because the students were very bright promising and deserving that he maintained status quo and let them continue with their studies but at the same time he apprised me that because of extreme financial constraints he will not be able to continue this status quo.

I negotiated with him for the full one year school fee of the children and came back to Askari Bank Haider Road, Saddar Rawalpindi from where I sent him a pay order for the children’s school fee for one year.

Thus in the month of SAFAR UL MUZZAFAR, when Sadqa and Khairat become applicable and I tried to ameliorate the academic progression of these bright, talented students.

The scanned copies of the children result cards and school fee cards are sent herewith along with the pictures of the mother with her four children.

How many such deserving cases are there around you, who are in need of your help and contribution in order to continue with their studies?

So those of you who have read this story please make a pledge that you will venture out to help the needy and poor. There are many such children who can be helped by mere donation from your side so that their school fees can be paid in time.  

Once you go out in the name of Allah things become very simple and easy for you and at the same time it gives you an inner sense of happiness and contentment.

The real happiness and joy lies in caring, sharing and helping others.

Let us all join hands together to make this world a better place to live.


Thank you my friends for making this noble effort possible.



Best Regards,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

123/B, Market Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Ph: 051-5130399

Cell: 0332-4923235



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