Oct 13



Dear Donors,

We received a request from Jalal Welfare Foundation which is a registered social welfare organization located in Peshawar KPK.

They are running a Dialysis centre University road, Peshawar KPK. They had requested us to provide them with the following items for their kidney dialysis

The case has been investigated and found authentic and genuine.

Dialyzer                                 Rs.      950/-

B/T Line                                 Rs.      185/-

A/V Needle                            Rs.      65/-

N / Saline                              Rs.      65/-

Heparin                                  Rs.      450/-

IV Set                                     Rs.      20/-

D/S 10cc                                Rs.      25/-

Solution                                 Rs.      450/-

Nichypore                              Rs.      30/-

Total                                      Rs.      2240/- per Dialysis


We provided them with about 15 units of dialysis which will cater for about 15 patients in the first consignment so that we are able to monitor and over see how our funds are being utilized.

Supplies of above items were procured from the local market after much haggling and brought down to the minimum.

Items were handed over to MAJ. JAVED JALAL in our office for onward transportation to Peshawar.

Jalal Welfare Foundation has acknowledged our contributions and we at Raza Charity Trust are happy to be a part of the solution for the general public at large.

No funds are required from the donors as we still have money in our kitty to cater for their requirements.

This has all been possible because of your generous and philanthropic contributions…

Thank you my friends. Keep the fame of hope alive.

If any one of you wants to contribute for this noble cause please forward your contributions to the following.

Details of Account are as under:

Title of Account                                   Zeeshan Raza Alim

Account Number                                04710000003333 

CIF ID                                                 000141750

Bank                                                    Askari Bank Limited

                                                            Haider Road Branch Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Best Regards,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin