Nov 02

KEEP THE CANDLE BURNING (Zahida Parveen’s Operation)


By the grace of almighty ALLAH Zahida Parveen has been successfully operated about 03 days back at a local hospital and was discharged after two days indoor treatment.

After discharge again she contacted our motivators at RAZA CHARITY TRUST for the supply of rations and medicines as she was in no way capable of bearing even these trivial expenses, which were again provided to her at her house by our field staff.

MASHALLAH she is doing well and on the way to recovery.

I take this opportunity to thank my Abdalian donors as well as a personal friend of mine who acted like guardian angels and rose to the occasion by contributing funds for her successful operation.

I would also like to thank my Abdalian brother Maj. Gen Khawar Deputy Surgeon general who was also instrumental in getting the hospital charges reduced.

Thank you my friends for KEEPING THE CANDLE OF HOPE BURNING.

GOD Bless you all.


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin