Nov 21

Keep the Candle of Hope Burning

                            Keep the Candle of Hope Burning

                                    Recent Activity for November 2017


RAZA CHARITY TURST apart from RAMZAN activity and dowry of orphan girls is now also involved in helping deserving families on regular basis for their day to day problems like food / Rations, children school fees, medication, utility bills.


This month we have received and finalized two applications from Mst. Nasreen BIbi, NIC No. 37405 – 0287860-0, resident of Dhoke Bahadar Shah, Lane No. 9, Near Ali Chowk, Tulsa Road, Rawalpindi and Mst. Khair un Nisa BIbi, NIC No. 37405 – 0526710-8, resident of Dhoke Bahadar Shah, Lane No. 9, Near Ali Chowk, Tulsa Road, Rawalpindi.


In this regards our field investigator visited the family and after thorough scrutiny and cross checking verified the bona fides.


We have arranged Rations consisting of Food items for the two families which will be sufficient for a month.


Please come forward and help us in this noble cause so that we able to arrange the above items in a befitting manner for the poor and deserving families who are enlisted with us and waiting for their turn.


Please send your donations / contributions on the following account number

Account Number                                0470110003338

Bank                                                   Askari Bank Limited

Branch                                                Haider Road, Branch Rawalpind      


Please keep the candle of hope alive with your generous help / cooperation.


Looking forward,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

Social Activist