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This month our field investigators comprising of Shabana Shameem and Nadira bibi along with our drivers and fieldworkers took a long journey all the way to Angoori road, mile stone 17 and descended to Dhoke Dhumma to provide Rations to one widow and her children whose husband had died recently.

It was quite an ordeal for the ladies to hike down to Dhoke Dhumma which is about 1.5 km trek from the main road and the rations were carried by my guard Waheed Satti and handyman Riaz Hussain along with the driver who were helpful in carrying the excessive load of luggage over a mountainous track with many ups and downs.

When we do something good, we feel an unknown sense of happiness in our hearts. Whether we do it for a good cause for others it gives us relaxation and satisfaction which hugs the heart.

The assignment was given to Shabana Shameem and Nadra Bibi to go to a poor widow who lives in mountainous area of Angoori and check out her status of living.

When they visited the lady widow’s house they really felt their hearts weeping as they saw how miserable life she was living in. She had three minor children. The children were without shoes and proper clothing in this extreme cold weather of December. There was little food with them that was not enough for this family for even one meal. They felt that we must do something for this family, immediately.

Under the guidance of Raza Charity Trust they arranged Rations for the poor lady and Mr. Shameem and his wife Shabana Shameem arranged flour, sugar, ghee, milk, daal, soaps, vegetables, fruit, other edibles, carpet, clothing’s, shoes, toys, school bags, pencils to the deserving family.

As Mr.& Mrs. Shameem went to the bazaar to buy clothes for the family when they were buying small socks and shoes for the children and the clothes for the widow lady, they felt really excited and contented. They said that they often go for the shopping for their children but they don’t feel that much contented and excited as when they were buying clothes for this poor family.

Mr.& Mrs. Sham also collected other things that they could spare for this family they felt that they were doing a good deed which in turn made them happy.

On December 17th, Mr. & Mrs. Shameem along with Nadra bibi  went to deliver these things to the widow lady and  when they reached there, she was really very excited to see that we have come to help her. When she saw the things that we gave her, she started weeping. She made several duas for the whole team and for the Donors of RAZA CHARITY TRUST.


According to Shabana Shameem “This was the moment that I felt that yes, this should be our actual motive of life. We should help others who are poor and needy. This is what Islam teaches us and it gives us peace and happiness to our hearts. By doing so, we get out of depressions. We get the real meaning and purpose of our existence in this world”.


The aim of Raza Charity Trust is to serve the people who need our help and attention. There is no medicine in the world better than this that could make us active, healthier and happy as quoted by Shabana Shameem.

Now many of you will read my post, some of you will never give it a second thought, many of you will just forget about it and some will delete it but those of you who are GOD fearing and are conscientious citizens will share this post and also donate to our future projects of which many of them are in the pipe line to help the needy and poor.

Please send in your donations / contributions in the form of cheques or direct online transfer to the following account.


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 Bank                                       Askari Bank Limited

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The pictures of the family along with her children in the background are attached herewith.

I pray for all of you and for the Muslim UMMAH in particular.

Thank you my friends for making this noble effort possible.



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Please come forward and help us in this noble cause so that we able to arrange the above items in a befitting manner for the poor and deserving families who are enlisted with us and waiting for their turn.


Please send your donations / contributions on the following account number

Account Number                                 0470110003338

Bank                                                    Askari Bank Limited

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Please keep the candle of hope alive with your generous help / cooperation.


Looking forward,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

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