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(The Highest Alpine Lake of Pakistan




In July this year 2017, HBL (HABIB BANK LIMITED) being a conscientious corporate citizen has sponsored a hiking and trekking expedition to RUSH LAKE the highest alpine lake of Pakistan (16000 feet).


The aims and objective of this expedition are to highlight the wonderful places which we have in Pakistan as many people still have not visited these areas because of the non availability of good organized group tours and a local guide.


My initial reconnaissance as a group leader has shown that the road conditions up to HUNZA in the HUNZA valley are very good and one can go on an ordinary vehicle up to Nagar to Hoper but in the side valley’s up to the trail head we need a good 4 x 4 vehicle  (off road).


The detailed itinerary of the expedition had already been given before but due to excessive landslides, rains and EID rush in that area the dates were subject to changes many times and slight modifications.


Hence the trip will be under taken from 07th to 17th July 2017.



Hunza valley is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. This valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is a good tourist attraction, where tourists really enjoy their time and interact with mother nature.


This is a mountainous valley, it gives spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains like Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Bojahagur Duanasir II, Ghenta Peak, Hunza Peak, Passu Peak, Diran Peak and Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak), all 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) or higher.


The Trek to Rusch Lake provides spectacular view of Rush Pari Peak-5098m, Miar Peak-6824m, Golden/Spantik-7027m, Ultar Peak-7388m, Malubiting Peak-7458m and the glaciers Miar glacier, Hopper glacier and much more.

Rush Lake trek is a rather a steep trek but well rewarding in the heart of the Hunza valley Pakistan. This trek will take you to the amazing Karakorum Mountains clusters the best on earth. You will be crossing glaciers, meadows and terraced fields of Karakoram. The trek ends at Rush Lake. (5,098 m 16,726 ft): 


This is a long trek you will start by driving by Jeep across the Hunza River at Hoper. This is where the snout of the famous Barpu glacier meets another glacier called Bualter. Hunzakuts (local people from Hunza) believe that glaciers are either male or female. Each glacier exudes its own gender qualities and when a male and female glacier meet they give birth to a baby glacier!




Day 01: 08th July 2017


  • Meet on your arrival in Islamabad. Drive to Murree, Muzaffarabad, Gari Hahib Ullah, Bissian, Balakot, Naran / Chillas via the Babusar Pass over night at Chillas.


Day 02: 09th July 2017

  • Drive to Hunza and over night at Hassanabad / Aliabad / Kareemabad.


Day 03: 10th July 2017

  • Drive to Hunza later take Jeep to HOPAR village across the river Hunza. Overnight in tents.(Camping)


Day 04: 11th July 2017

  • Trek Hopar / Barpu Giram / Baricho – Core (6/8 hrs)

Baricho in local language means Musicians and Tinsmith together and Core means cave.  


Day 05: 12th July 2017

  • Baricho – Core to Khanni – Harai (4/6 hrs)


Day 06:  13th July 2017

  • Khanni – Harai Trek to Gutens / Rush Lake (5/6 hrs)


Day 07: 14th July 2017

  • Day free at Rush Lake(Optional)



Day 09: 15th July 2017

  • Trek Rush Lake/Gutens (3/4 hrs)

Day 10: 15th July 2017

  • Trek Gutens/Hopar (4/5 hrs) Walk down to Hopar and later drive to Hunza by jeeps. Overnight at Hotel

Day 11: 16th July 2017

  • Return journey to Chillas / Naran over Night at Naran
  • Option Next day visit to Altit Baltit fort eagles nest Khunjrab and Sust


Day 12: 17th July 2017

  • Dive to Islamabad via Bissian Chowk, Garhi Habib Ullah, Muzaffarabad, Murree and Islamabad.



The dates from 08th July 2017 may vary as to the road conditions / weather conditions and fitness of the participants / members and the local topographic conditions.



Things taken by each participant.




  • Joggers, trainers, or hiking boots up to ankle high
  • 03 pairs of towel socks white colour
  • cap , jungle cap , sola cap
  • Sun glasses
  • Camera / Handy cam
  • Sun block with S.P.F 50 , anti sun block
  • Shooting jacket
  • Jeans , trousers , track suit shalwar kameez
  • T- shirt , sweat shirts
  • Vests , u / wear  Bermuda shorts
  • Shock proof wrists watch , pocket compass
  • Rechargeable flash light and torches
  • Personal medications
  • Towel handkerchief  and towels
  • Chappal and moccasins
  • Mosquito repellants / sprays
  • Personal back pack
  • Warm Clothes jacket / Pullover / Sweaters
  • Sleeping Bags (optional)
  • Ground Sheet   
  • Walking stick / Mountain Stick



Provided by the Organizer 

  • Pick and shovel
  • Cooking utensils

Gas stove, frying pan, disposable glasses, plastic glasses, plates, fruit knife or sauce pan

  • Walkie / talkie , vehicle mobile charger
  • Generator
  • Masalas, condiments , salt , cooking oil , wheat flour , sugar tea bags, powder milk and rice
  • Tinned fruits cocktails , meat balls , minced meat , meat curry , fish
  • Biscuit saltish and fancy as per your liking loads and loads of them
  • Cold drinks , mineral water in  plastic bottles
  • Whistle & mega phone
  • G.P.R.S phone (If available)
  • Maps general map, topo graphic map, contour map.
  • To top it all by 4 x 4 vehicle / Toyota Hiace Ace / Hi Roof (Optional)
  • First Aid Kit


Daily Trek Notes

  • Reach your next destination point before sunset under no circumstances should you over stretch yourself or travel at night.
  • Please mark your route before you start your journey
  • There should be a talc sheet over your map with markings 
  • Permanent marker: - Plan your trek in such away that you are able to make it to your next point with in that day before sunset.




  • Please start walking and exercise daily by covering 1 mile distance in 15 minutes.
  • Climb 50 stairs in 10 – 12 minutes
  • Carry a load of 05 - 10 kg on your back for half to 1 hour



Remember this is a chance to see Mother Nature at its best and those areas of Pakistan where less than 10 % of the population of Pakistan has gone.

So be determined and make a resolve to complete this trip as a challenge for the outdoors.

Many people were invited to come and join the expedition subject to their physical fitness and willingness to be a happy member and part of the HBL team.


Now as I look forward to my over 50 years of experience as a Mountaineer, trekker and ecologist and having traveled to all the nook and corners of Pakistan there were still two adventurous treks which have eluded me in my career.


And now I am excited that I am going to Rush Lake & in October I will go Astola Island which I hope to complete ASP before I become too old to trek and climb mountains.




I am thankful to Mr. Nauman K Dar President HBL, Mr. Raymond Kotwal CFO HBL, both of whom are my fast friends and my special thanks to Mr. Sohaib Shahid Head of Branding and Activation HBL for their help and cooperation in planning for this trip and for their kind sponsorship.





Mountaineer, Ecologist, Trekker & Travelogue Writer