Nov 21

Keep the Candle of Hope Burning

                            Keep the Candle of Hope Burning

                                    Recent Activity for November 2017


RAZA CHARITY TURST apart from RAMZAN activity and dowry of orphan girls is now also involved in helping deserving families on regular basis for their day to day problems like food / Rations, children school fees, medication, utility bills.


This month we have received and finalized two applications from Mst. Nasreen BIbi, NIC No. 37405 – 0287860-0, resident of Dhoke Bahadar Shah, Lane No. 9, Near Ali Chowk, Tulsa Road, Rawalpindi and Mst. Khair un Nisa BIbi, NIC No. 37405 – 0526710-8, resident of Dhoke Bahadar Shah, Lane No. 9, Near Ali Chowk, Tulsa Road, Rawalpindi.


In this regards our field investigator visited the family and after thorough scrutiny and cross checking verified the bona fides.


We have arranged Rations consisting of Food items for the two families which will be sufficient for a month.


Please come forward and help us in this noble cause so that we able to arrange the above items in a befitting manner for the poor and deserving families who are enlisted with us and waiting for their turn.


Please send your donations / contributions on the following account number

Account Number                                0470110003338

Bank                                                   Askari Bank Limited

Branch                                                Haider Road, Branch Rawalpind      


Please keep the candle of hope alive with your generous help / cooperation.


Looking forward,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

Social Activist


Nov 08



We at Raza Charity Trust feel humble, honored and grateful to almighty ALLAH for choosing us for this noble cause to help the poor and needy children for their educational / schooling fees.

Our reputation as a charitable institution is catching on and this week we had Maryam Kamran W/o Ch. Mohammad Kamran (Late) NIC No. 37405 –8992160 – 8, R/O House No. NE- 768, St No. 3, Mohallah Dhoke Farman Ali Rawalpindi, who came to us for similar help as she was unable to continue the schooling of her two children.

Keeping our strict S.O.P we had this case investigated and our field staff Raheel made a personal visit by going all the way to Dare – Arqam School Tipu Road Campus & Waqar un Nisa Girls School Rawalpindi to verify the bona-fides and antecedents of the children.

On investigation it was revealed that two children have not attended school for the past 01 week because their school fees had not been paid.

Raheel interacted with the school management and gave the following report:

Fatima Chuadhry                 Class 4th        Rs.      1830/- Pending

Ch. Abdul Rehman             Class One     Rs.      2500/- Pending

We again contacted the school management for further disposal of the case and I personally went to the banks to have the school fee challan deposited.  

The children have resumed schooling and we have asked the school authorities to keep us informed about their academic progress.

The relevant paid fee cards pics and supporting documents are also attached with this post.

This family has been helped because of generous donations and contributions from people like you but there are so many other families who are waiting for your help and cooperation.

It is better to give a bag of Atta and sugar to needy families sponsor the education of a child rather than to waste your money in expensive clothing, hotel ling and ostentatious display of wealth.

Do come forward to sponsor the education of at-least one child which is not more than Rs.3000/- month.

Real happiness lies in caring, sharing and helping others.

Looking forward to your magnanimous and philanthropic contributions.

Thank you my friends for making this noble effort possible.



Best Regards,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

123/B, Market Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Ph: 051-5130399

Cell: 0332-4923235

Nov 04



If you remember my previous story of keeping the flame alive in which a family of school going children were helped to regularize and carry on their studies.

This time we had Ambreen Naz W/o Ghulam Murtaza NIC No. 37405 –0245737 – 4, R/O NE-207, St No. 3, New Abadi, Fazalabad, Rawalpindi, who came to us for similar help as she was unable to pay the school fee of her son for the past two months.

Keeping our strict S.O.P we had this case investigated and our field staff Raheel made a personal visit to her son’s school to SIMS School Chaklala Road, Dhoke Khaba Rawalpindi to verify the bona-fides and antecedents of the children.

Raheel interacted with the school management and gave the following report:

Mohammad Taha Murtaza             Class 4th        Rs.1800/- per month Rs.3600/-

We again contacted the school management for further disposal of the case.

The Son has started going to school and we have asked the school authorities to keep us informed about his academic progress.

The relevant fee cards pics and supporting documents are also attached with this information.

This family has been helped because of generous donations and contributions from people like you but there are so many other families who are waiting for your help and cooperation.

It is better to give a bag of Atta and sugar to needy families sponsor the education of a child rather than to waste your money in expensive clothing, hotel ling and ostentatious display of wealth.

Do come forward to sponsor the education of at-least one child which is not more than Rs.3000/- month.

Real happiness lies in caring, sharing and helping others.

Thank you my friends for making this noble effort possible.

Looking forward to your magnanimous and philanthropic contributions.

If any one of you wants to contribute for this noble cause please forward your contributions to the following.

Details of Account are as under:

Title of Account                                Zeeshan Raza Alim

Account Number                              04710000003333 

CIF ID                                              000141750

Bank                                                 Askari Bank Limited

                                                         Haider Road Branch Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Best Regards,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

123/B, Market Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Ph: 051-5130399

Cell: 0332-4923235

Nov 02

KEEP THE CANDLE BURNING (Zahida Parveen’s Operation)


By the grace of almighty ALLAH Zahida Parveen has been successfully operated about 03 days back at a local hospital and was discharged after two days indoor treatment.

After discharge again she contacted our motivators at RAZA CHARITY TRUST for the supply of rations and medicines as she was in no way capable of bearing even these trivial expenses, which were again provided to her at her house by our field staff.

MASHALLAH she is doing well and on the way to recovery.

I take this opportunity to thank my Abdalian donors as well as a personal friend of mine who acted like guardian angels and rose to the occasion by contributing funds for her successful operation.

I would also like to thank my Abdalian brother Maj. Gen Khawar Deputy Surgeon general who was also instrumental in getting the hospital charges reduced.

Thank you my friends for KEEPING THE CANDLE OF HOPE BURNING.

GOD Bless you all.


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

Nov 01



If you consider Rawalpindi Park area an Island of the elite of Rawalpindi, housing the General’s colony, Army House, GOR –I   and the area of 22 ACRES within this island there is an Oasis called the Murree Brewery (MB) Estate on park road.

For an outsider M.B estate gives a defiant mysterious esoteric bearing & demeanor but this M.B is one of the oldest companies of South Asia with a very rich history corporate diversity and archival heritage.

The history of the company dates back to the year 1860, when there was dearth of supply of good beer to the British troops in Northern India.

The imported beer being costly in those days, hence Pir Panjal Hills Brewery was setup in 1860, and Quetta distillery was part of this setup till 1947.

This GHORA GALI brewery was built in the Gothic style of architecture was vandalized during the riots of Independence of Pakistan in 1947, while the brewery in Quetta was destroyed in 1935 because of the great Quetta earthquake.

In the formative years the Brewery was managed by the family of Edward Dyer, father of Colonel Reginald Edward Harry Dyer of Jallianwala Bagh massacre fame. He was the man who had supervised the Pir Panjal Brewery construction in the beginning and later on was managed by George Duncun who remained the general manager of Murree Brewery for 40 years.

Murree Brewery is one of the oldest public companies of the South Asia and was registered on the Kolkata Stock Exchange on 18th August 1884 and its shares were traded as early as 1885 and is now the oldest continuing industrial enterprise of Pakistan.

Great progress was made by Murree Brewery Company LTD, after its formation in the year 1860, and the unprecedented demand for their famous ales and stout over a greatly increasing area of the Northern India, encouraged the directors to erect a another branch brewery at Rawalpindi about thirty years later.


In the 1940’s, the controlling shares or interests in the brewery were obtained by Peshton Dhanji Bandhara, who used to run a liquor business in Lahore prior to the independence of Pakistan by the name of D.P Edulji & Company (Pvt.) Limited which still has its offices in No. 10 commercial building Shahra – e – Quaid Azam Lahore.

P.D Bhandara at the time of independence had to run from pillar to post in order to purchase the shares of MB from Hindu’s, Sikh’s and British Shareholders. He was given a very tough time by Sayid Saigol who also was interested in hostile takeover of Murree Brewery but P.D Bhandara hired the tops lawyers of that time Sir Abdul Rashid Mr.  M.  Amwar and Justice Shabir Ahmed who won the court cases for P.D Bhandara which got him the hold of the control of the company.

Peshton Dhanji Bandhara was succeeded by his son, late M.P. Bandhara who later on carried on the family business and now it is being run by a grandson, Mr. Isphanyar Bandhara who is also a minority MNA in the N.A of Pakistan.


Mr. M.P Bhandara early in 1960 at a young age of 21 years diversified the company in to downstream activity by opening up associated TOPS and Murree Glass in 1969.


Keeping in tradition for new avenues M.B in 2008 went for value addition and induction of new technology where R&D became foremost followed by Refinement & Consolidation in glass bottling technology.

TOPS started its operation from Chowburji in Lahore in 1990, but later on shifted to Kot Lakpat on 31st July 1993 but the title deed was transferred on Murree Brewery’s name in 1996 and second plant started in Rawalpindi in 1995 and later on shifted to Hattar in 2004.

Murree Glass plant was imported from Sweden in 1974, first installed at Rawalpindi and later on shifted to Hattar in 1993.

Murree sparklets was purchased by M.P Bhandara from Hashoo Group on 01st April 2011.

Many of the Pindite’s may be unaware that the Army house was gifted by M.P Bhandara in 1982 which was at that time named as Park Lodge. Park Lodge a majestic residential property which was purchased by M.B from Mrs. H. Whimper in 1888.


It was the principal residence and the head office of the company till 1959 until it was taken over by Government of Pakistan to house the office of the Prime minister of Pakistan. Sums of Rs. 2.80 Lakhs were paid as lease money for the camp office of Army Chief. This park lodge also used to house the HQ of Anti Narcotics Force, Banazir Bhutto later on made it in to SINDH HOUSE for a short time.

It remained an office of the head of State of Pakistan from 1960 till 2008.

Some very interesting folktales about Murree Brewery is that there was an underground tunnel linking the camp office with M.B estate but on my further sleuthing and investigations of the cellars I did find plastered and closed openings in the cellar hence I could not come to any logical conclusion.

Another historical point of interest which very few Pindite’s are unaware of that a narrow gauge railway track used to come to the Military Diary farms and terminated at Murree Brewery bringing the supplies to Military Diary Farm and Murree Brewery.

As the General’s colony was being built this line was subject to scuttling hence the small gauge locomotives ceased to come to its termination point in the head office of Murree Brewery.

Apart from its corporate diversity M.B is also a very socially conscious corporate citizen and is funding the CSR training institute where the building and Utilities are maintained by M.B.

The Bhandara Foundation with its head quarters in Lahore is headed by Justice Nassira Iqbal and Justice Amer Raza as its trustee and are looking after the poor and down trodden section of the society.

The Murree Brewery Polo Cup and Golf Cup which is an important fixed event in the Rawalpindi Garrison’s Annual Calendar is sponsored by M.B since 1904, under the auspices of the Rawalpindi Polo Club. In spring each year the top polo teams of Pakistan compete and vie for the honor of this cup and the cup is held for safe custody by the president of Rawalpindi Polo Club housed in the Race Course Ground.

The present management of M.B wants to take the company to the pinnacle and zenith for the maximum return to the shareholders but is bogged down by multiple problems like high Utility bills, disruption of gas and Electricity supply and dual taxation.

Such step motherly treatment is being meted out to the company that the company is under litigation with the taxation authorities in various courts of law which are Sub judice.

Now a day’s Murree Brewery is a thriving public limited company where the main share holding rests with the Bhandara family and there are about 1600 share holders including this scribe.


The present success story of Murree Brewery is not a bed of roses but a roller coaster ride through ages having survived prohibition and liquor ban by the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Secondly it had to face shutting down of its operation for 26 days because of the vested interests in collaboration and connivance with the local and political authorities who instigated the worker’s to strike taking the protective umbrella of the environmental protection laws.


Despite all these obstacles, hurdles, impediments and adverse scenario M.B has been able to keep its head well above the waters and has come of age. It is now amongst the top 25 award winning companies of the Pakistan Stock Exchange contributing a handsome amount to the national ex-chequer and giving the maximum return to its shareholders.




Oct 31


           BOTAL GALI


It was a working day early in the morning when I accompanied my driver in Karachi to go to BOTAL GALI (Bottle Lane) as my previous attempts to enter into this congested and narrow lane proved to be an exercise in futility because I committed the common mistake of accessing this lane during the peak rush hours in the afternoon previously.

It was about 9.00 am the traffic was light and I made my way from D.H.A. Karachi to Bander road. Here again I had to make a double left turn to Hassan Ali Effendi road and crossed Pakistan Chowk to reach BOTAL GALI.

BOTAL GALI at the time of partition was called PARSI GALI as most of the residents at that time were PARSI’s having migrated from India and even some people of British origin also had their residences there.

The street gradually transformed from a thriving residential district to a commercial one, featuring shops selling all kinds of bottles — perfumes, medicines, beverages, you name it.

Later on it was termed as BOTAL GALI because all sorts of bottles whether in glass, ceramic, brass, plastic, pewter and leather could be sold and purchased here. The real fascination of this GALI is that you can find all sorts of fancy, psychedelic empty liquor bottles which have been cleaned and purified for future consumption.


BOTAL GALI stands out as a mix of architecture having survived centuries old wear and tear and beyond expectations it gives a very fascinating appeal from a distance but as you come near it and enter the GALI you find surviving blocks of apartments and shops here and there that are in sharp contrast with the monumental ugliness of recent horrendous cement construction which has taken around this place.

Now a day’s BOTAL GALI also is a home for a lot of perfume vendors and their shops glow with the full glitter of the energy savers that are used excessively to highlight and portray the numerous types of perfume bottles which signifies that this business of perfume is better as compared to their neighbors who are selling empty bottles.

In Pakistan there are certain names which click to the mind as if those things are in abundance there but the names are a misnomer as you do not find monkeys on Bandar road, no boat in the boat basin and no female cobra snakes in the NAGIN CHOWRANGI but in BOTAL GALI you do find bottles of all sorts.

BOTAL GALI is surrounded by colonial style buildings which have many stories to tell dating back to pre-partition times and it seems  that this place lives more in the past than in the present and it is more of what it was and not what it is now.

The old residents of BOTAL GALI have slowly faded out along with the colonial style buildings which have fell in to partial ruins and decrepitude probably because of disrepair, neglect apathy and up keep by the lack of sense of ownership of the residents but two important factors are also an aggravating and catalytic for the present dismal state of affairs and responsible for the slow death of BOTAL GALI the first being the excessive sale of plastic bottles and secondly the increasing crime wave in Karachi.

The residents of BOTAL GALI are so akin and used to the common “Robberies, holdup and snatching that they take it as a part of their daily routine.

The irony of fate is that BOTAL GALI could have been preserved as a symbol of national heritage and reverence to our shared past colonial rule and but it seems that BOTAL GALI has been left to fend for itself against all these odds, as the insecure residents and shop keepers have very little resistance to offer and remain there more for their emotional attachment rather than for the business that they are pursuing.

The emotional attachment that the people of the street feel for it is evident in their determination to stick to it, no matter what. It’s almost like they are living in the past as if today doesn’t matter.

Of course there are the national problems of load shedding and water supply which makes the place unfriendly and inhospitable to the new comers despite the fact that this is the problem of the whole country.

BOTAL GALI is a collectors delight where you can find a variety of colorful and beautifully carved bottles available in a range of sizes. The most common ones are the plastic and glass ones, especially the smaller palm-sized bottles used by the local perfume and ITTAR industry.

Of course, many bottles found here are also used solely for decoration purposes. I visited one shop where the shop keeper showed me unique glass bottle and vases which he claimed are more than a century old and has been handed down to him from one generation to another. I jokingly asked him about the price of this decorative long bottle but he proudly shrugged his shoulders and said that these bottles are family heritage and not for sale.

The general impression about the shopkeepers of BOTAL GALI is that they are rude and arrogant but what is really interesting is the stories they have to tell some of which date back to the pre-partition times.

BOTAL GALI is like a small island demarcated by old high rise buildings but it is just a street which has an amalgamation of the past and present, from genie style mysterious colored glass bottles to the present bulk produced plastic bottles where you can see people buying and selling and interacting with one another.

There are certain nooks and corners of BOTAL GALI which give a mysterious look as they do not appear as they used to be, by that I mean closed shops and blank walls which are just used as a support of dump trash. Motorcycles are parked haphazardly in the GALI which makes the flow of traffic and pedestrians difficult causing parking problems which is a nuisance for the shop keepers who by virtue of shared  emotional attachment are sticking to their shops despite the fact that the business in now going downhill.

This is a wakeup call for all the students of fine arts and volunteers who believe in fine artistic values to come forward redesign these shops hand paint these old bottles so that they can be sold at a premium and the money recycled back for the face lift of BOTAL GALI which is much needed otherwise it will sink into oblivion.

I appeal to the governor of SINDH along with the minister of Tourism SINDH to kindly allocate some funds for the rehabilitation and refurbishing of this BOTAL GALI so that it can be preserved as a National Icon for posterity and succeeding generations.


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin




Oct 18



This lady Zahida Parveen age 33 years, along with her children NIC No. 37405-6630934 – 2, R/O House No. ZB-412, St No. 19, Khayaban – e – Sirsyed, Sector II, Rawalpindi came to our Trust at Raza Eye Clinic with excruciating pain, breathlessness, lassitude and in a very decrepitude condition.

She was crying and wailing because of her leaking gallbladder for which immediate surgery is required.

She was referred to Lt. Col Hanif Abbasi in MH Rawalpindi for the needful who has advised cholecystectomy on emergency basis. For the time being we have put her on symptomatic and palliative treatment on antibiotics and pain killers.

The amount required for this operation is about Rs. 60,000/- as per the demand for cholecystectomy of MH Rawalpindi.

Her husband died longtime back and she has no means of any income to afford surgery at MH Rawalpindi….


In view of the above in the name of humanity I make a humble appeal to all of you to contribute for this noble cause so that this life threatening operation of Zahida Parveen can take place as soon as possible less there is permanent damage to her gastro-intestinal tract.



Kindly send in your contributions ASP in the form of cheques / online transfer of whatever amount you think is possible at your end to my account given below:

The amount will be consolidated and after completion of formalities I hope that the operation which will be a great relief to this lady can take place before 24th of October 2017.


 Details of Account are as under:

Account Number                     0471000000357

CIF ID                                       000141750

Swift Code                               ASCMPKKA

IBAN                                        PK69ASCM00004710 0000 0357

Bank                                        Askari Bank Limited

                                                Haider Road Branch Saddar Rawalpindi



For further details please contact

Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

Raza Charity Trust

123/B, Market Road, Saddar,


Ph: 051-5130399,

Cell: 0332-4923235

Oct 13



Dear Donors,

We received a request from Jalal Welfare Foundation which is a registered social welfare organization located in Peshawar KPK.

They are running a Dialysis centre University road, Peshawar KPK. They had requested us to provide them with the following items for their kidney dialysis

The case has been investigated and found authentic and genuine.

Dialyzer                                 Rs.      950/-

B/T Line                                 Rs.      185/-

A/V Needle                            Rs.      65/-

N / Saline                              Rs.      65/-

Heparin                                  Rs.      450/-

IV Set                                     Rs.      20/-

D/S 10cc                                Rs.      25/-

Solution                                 Rs.      450/-

Nichypore                              Rs.      30/-

Total                                      Rs.      2240/- per Dialysis


We provided them with about 15 units of dialysis which will cater for about 15 patients in the first consignment so that we are able to monitor and over see how our funds are being utilized.

Supplies of above items were procured from the local market after much haggling and brought down to the minimum.

Items were handed over to MAJ. JAVED JALAL in our office for onward transportation to Peshawar.

Jalal Welfare Foundation has acknowledged our contributions and we at Raza Charity Trust are happy to be a part of the solution for the general public at large.

No funds are required from the donors as we still have money in our kitty to cater for their requirements.

This has all been possible because of your generous and philanthropic contributions…

Thank you my friends. Keep the fame of hope alive.

If any one of you wants to contribute for this noble cause please forward your contributions to the following.

Details of Account are as under:

Title of Account                                   Zeeshan Raza Alim

Account Number                                04710000003333 

CIF ID                                                 000141750

Bank                                                    Askari Bank Limited

                                                            Haider Road Branch Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Best Regards,


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

Oct 06



Specialized Topics for Banking


  • Tellers Training
  • Greeters Training
  • Fraud & Fraud Detection
  • Customer Services
  • Quality of Services
  • Service Excellence
  • Ghost Shopping
  • English Grooming and Speaking



  • Disaster Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Fire Fighting
  • Building Emergency Response protocol
  • Parameter Security & Defense



  1. Attitude
  2. Anger Management
  3. Advanced Writing Skills
  4. Advanced Project Management
  5. Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer
  6. Active Listening
  7. Brain Storming
  8. Building Relationships for Success in Sales
  9. Basic Business Management - Boot Camp for Business Owners
  10. Business Writing
  11. Business Etiquette
  12. Business Leadership
  13. Blue Ocean Strategy
  14. Budgets and Managing Money
  15. Building Better Teams
  16. Behavioral Interviewing
  17. Business Succession Planning
  18. Business Ethics
  19. Business Contact Manager
  20. Balanced Scorecard Basics Bullying in the Workplace
  21. Body Language and its interpretation
  22. Business Process Management
  23. Business Contact Manager
  24. Building a Consulting Business
  25. Building a Brand on Social Media
  26. Customers Services
  27. Customer Relationship Management
  28. Call Center Sales
  29. Communication Strategies
  30. Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio
  31. Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
  32. Coaching: A Leadership Skill
  33. Creating a Top-Notch Talent Management Program
  34. Change Management
  35. Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
  36. Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People
  37. CSR
  38. Critical Thinking
  39. Corporate Branding
  40. Crisis Management
  41. Creative Thinking and Innovation
  42. Communications for Small Business Owners
  43. Continuous Improvement with Lean( under process)
  44. Conversational Leadership
  45. Creating Winning Proposals
  46. Creating a Positive Work Environment
  47. Disaster Management
  48. Dynamite Sales Presentations
  49. Developing Your Training Program
  50. Disability Awareness
  51. Developing a High Reliability Organization
  52. Developing Your Executive Presence
  53. Developing a Training Needs Analysis
  54. Dealing with the Media: Creating a positive working relationship
  55. Emotional Intelligence
  56. Encouraging Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Business
  57. Environmental Sustainability: A Practical Approach to Greening 
  58. Essentials of Security parameters
  59. Your Organization creating awareness and feedback
  60. Employee Recognition: Appreciating Your Workforce
  61. FATA Crisis post 9/11 Scenario
  62. Fraud & Fraud Detection
  63. Fire Fighting
  64. Facilitation Skills
  65. Greeters Trainings
  66. Getting Your Job Search Started
  67. Generation Gap
  68. Goal Setting
  69. Giving Effective Feedback
  70. Global Business
  71. How to be happy / Quest for happiness (Ikigai)
  72. How not to be a failure
  73. How to be a Buddy Boss
  74. How to be a successful collection agent
  75. Human Resource Applications
  76. How to deal with irritated clients
  77. Human Resources
  78. Inventory Management
  79. Intermediate Project Management
  80. Entreprenuereship
  81. Knowledge Management
  82. Kick starting Your Business with Crowd sourcing
  83. Leadership and Man Management
  84. Leadership Skills for Supervisors
  85. Lean Process Improvement (Under Process)
  86. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  87. Maximizing Strengths for High Performance
  88. Motivation and Job Loyalty
  89. Motivation Training: Motivating Your Workforce
  90. Mastering the Interview to Further your Career
  91. Marketing for Small Businesses
  92. Minute Taking Workshop
  93. Marketing and Sales
  94. Managing Customer Services
  95. Meeting Management
  96. Managing Difficult Conversations
  97. Marketing with Social Media
  98. Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
  99. Managing Across Cultures
  100. Making Training Stick
  101. Measuring Training Results
  102. Negotiating for Results
  103. Organizational Development
  104. Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
  105. Orientation Handbook
  106. ODDA Loop Strategy
  107. Personal Grooming & Communications Skills
  108. Prospecting for Leads like a Pro
  109. Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure
  110. Project Management Fundamentals
  111. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  112. Performance Management
  113. Performance Reviews
  114. Project Management
  115. Personal Development
  116. Personal Branding
  117. Public Relations Boot Camp
  118. Quality of Services
  119. Research Skills
  120. Risk Management
  121. Service Excellence
  122. Stress & its Management
  123. Stress Application
  124. Selling Smarter
  125. Skills for the Administrative Assistant
  126. Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  127. Safety in the Workplace
  128. Survival Skills for the New Trainer
  129. Strategic Planning
  130. Self Leadership
  131. Skills You Need for Workplace Success
  132. Tellers Training
  133. Talent Acquisition and Development
  134. Time Management
  135. Telephone Answering Standards
  136. The power of positive thinking
  137. Telemarketing
  138. Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance
  139. The Professional Supervisor
  140. Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams
  141. The Practical Trainer 
  142. Tough Topics: Talking To Employees About Personal Hygiene
  143. Trade Shows: Getting the Most Out Of Your Trade Show 
  144. Transgender Employees: Creating an Inclusive Work 
  145. Using Activities to Make Training Fun
  146. Why Employees Leave organization
  147. WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)



  • Ecology & Environment
  • Energy Crisis inPakistan
  • The Art of War – Application for Executives
  • Water Crisis ofPakistan


Sep 30




More than Sixteen years have passed since I first started my charity and philanthropic work and now RAZA CHARITY TRUST has grown by leaps and bounds.

Certain SOP’s and working parameters have been set by my organization in which the needy and poor come with their requirements / request in the form of a simple application which is filed by my office staff and they are given priority numbers for the completion of their demands.

Usually we have a waiting list of about six months in which we give furniture for dowry on monthly basis.

There are certain exigencies and hard pressed cases that we have to waive off the SOP’s set by us. Keeping in view the need of the recipients.

This lady whose name and identity has been withheld came to us on a gun point that her landlord was going to eject and throw her out of her house along with her children as she had defaulted on rental payments for quite some time.

SOS and emergency response was undertaken at RAZA CHARITY TRUST and rep visited her place of abode after verifying her bona fides settled the rental issue with the landlord.

Another family saved from the onslaught of her landlord.

This has all been possible because of your magnanimous help and contributions towards our crusade against ignorance, poverty disease and hunger.

Thank you my friends and keep the flame of hope alive.   



Best Regards


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin

123/B, Market Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Ph: 051-5130399




Dear Friends

Please see the link


Dr. Babur Zahiruddin


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