Raza Kennels

Since my childhood days I have kept pets of all kinds from Mongoose to Snakes, Birds of all kinds and off course dogs.
During my stay in the Armed Forces I was lucky to have two batman’s because my spouse was also in the Army and I had very dedicated and loyal batman’s to look after my mini zoo…
After I left the Armed Forces I started my own kennel by the name of RAZA Kennels and was breeding and training dogs at my residence….
There was a time when the canine population in my house was about 26 dogs of all breeds and kinds.
When I went abroad for my fellowship I had to give away most of my dogs to my friends and relatives but I kept a pair of ALBINO Alsatians the subsequent litter and progeny stayed with me till 2006. There was set back to my hobby of kenneling that my old time tested servant SIDDIQUE SHAH became too old to handle the DOGS…………….
In 2008 my friend Lt. Gen (Retd) Tariq Pervaiz Khan presented me with one Boxer Pup, BOXI which I trained myself and he has been my constant companion for the last four years in my walks and outings………
The next addition was a mini dash hound by the name of BRUNOO whom we have nick named BOONA.
When I went to Karachi last year for my presentation / lectures that my friend MALEEUDDIN SHEIKH presented me with a pair of high pedigree Alsatian pups….. which I brought by air from Karachi and by now they will be one year old, grown up and fully trained by the name of JOYCE AND BIBI….
The latest addition is a Belgian Shepard pup by the name Gringooo whom we have now nicked named as BOWAH…….
I am trying to breed them and also train them is basic obedience.
I am looking for a bigger and better place for my KENNEL and off course good handlers and sweepers to look after them.
I have intention of starting Kenneling and breeding in the near future……….