About Me

How It Started?

Just to give you an insight to the background of this career as an HR trainer ……It was way back in 1974, that I was posted as a Regimental Medical Officer with four (4) engineer Battalion in the inaccessible remote hills of Northern area at the base of Haramosh valley on Skurdu road. Here because of the dangerous and challenging nature of my job requirement that I picked up HR and man management skills. As we were building roads in a very difficult hostile terrain that I saw may casualties and fatal in injuries and always volunteered or was the first one to reach at the site of the mishap and evacuated the causalities on my shoulders. Later on I joined the special services group of the Pakistan Army where I saw active combat and intense physical activity which hardened me physically and made me rough and tough. Later on in 1988 I went for my training in laser applications and ultra sound diagnosis in SAN JOSE California USA. There I had my training classes from 8 o clock till 2:30 pm. Afternoon and evenings were free for me to explore the city. One day as I was walking near my hostel of stay that I came across a sign outside a physical fitness centre. Physical fitness instructor required enquire within. I went inside and asked if I can fill the slot of the GYM instructor. There was a Spanish lady at the reception who asked me if I had any certification for the said post. I replied I had none and turned back as I was about to leave the room when the lady called me from behind and said do you know how to operate the gym machines? I replied I think I can try. She took me to the gym room where I explained to her about the working and application of each gym machine equipment and how exercises are conducted for weight training and power lifting.She was quite bewildered and impressed with my hands on application and I was hired as a gym instructor there and then. The gym was housed in a building where there were other trainings centers and establishments. One day as I had my leisure time that I saw a small standee in front of the hall saying “The art of war” by some trainer whose name I have forgotten now. I went to the reception & I asked the lady there, if I can attend the lecture? She replied that it is a series of lectures and the entrance fee is US Dollar 15.00 per lecture to which I replied that I cannot afford to pay this amount. The lady there was very considerate and said to me that ok I will allow you for one sitting but if you want to attend subsequent lectures then you will have to pay for it. When I went in and sat down in the Hall the trainer was explaining about the Sun T Zu principals of Urban Guerilla Warfare, Which I had learnt and mastered during my stay in the SSG in Pakistan thus there was a long QA session with the trainer who was again very impressed by my knowledge and in appreciation said that the rest of the series of lectures will be borne by him, thus opening the vistas of learning for me. I attended the training sessions for seven more days and they dealt with HR applications which at that time did not ring any bell with me or made any impression on me. I came back to Pakistan in 1988 and became busy in my clinical practice as a consultant. Later on I started attending Annual General Meetings of various corporate entities as an active share holder, where I was very vociferous boisterous and clamorous in my verbal oratory as I used to attend these AGMS with full preparations which made me conversant with Companies Ordinance 1984 and Banking Ordinance 1962 One or two of the banks CEOs suggested that I should start training session which I brushed aside saying that I did not know anything about it. I developed one or two training modules of my own and started giving trainings to the banks and corporate entities and since then there was no looking back. Now in the peak years of my career my profession as a trainer has over taken my career as an eye specialist and I am now busy implementing basic soft skills trainings all over Pakistan. I teach and train with passion as if it was a love affair and my favorite quote “FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR PROFESSION AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE”